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individuals. In other words, it's a private area. Okay, I don't really care if you look, but
unless I directed you here personally, you probably won't be interested in the content.
1998 Class of 1958 reunion September 1998
1998 Christmas in Paris A month-long adventure, December 16 to Jan 16, 1998
1999 Christmas (Y2K) in Bellingham Welcoming the "Millennium."
2000 Oklahoma Christmas
2000 Green River Our October trip
2001Paris in the Springtime Paris trip March 15 to May 15, 2001/picture journal
2001 Oklahoma Christmas
2002 Summer OK-CA trip
2003 KayakTrip Lower Colorado River, April
2004 London/UK tour Summer June 22 to July 22
2006 End of Year Party at 1550 Mother Grundy TruckTrail
2006 China A great tour from Beijing to Hong Kong
2007 Spain Lisbon, Morocco, and Spain
2007 Mother Grundy After the fire
2008 Summer Trip up the West Coast
2009 Spring London and Paris in the Spring
2009 Summer Trip up the West Coast and East into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie
2010 Summer San Diego to Key West, North to New Brunswick Bay of Fundy, Sault Ste. Marie ONT CA
2011 Fall Alaska Cruise with Caroline and Clay Lent, September 16-23 Site not yet constructed
2012 Summer RV Road trip through the Northwest with niece Venessa Loucks, June 5-July 6, 2012 Site not yet constructed
2012 Winter 14 day Panama Cruise with niece Venessa Loucks 21 Dec-4 Jan '13 Site not yet constructed
2013 Summer 15 day tour of Italy with niece Venessa Loucks 9 July -23 July '13 Site not yet constructed
2014 Summer 12 June to 5 July in London and Paris with niece Venessa Loucks Site not yet constructed
2014 Winter 15 day tour to Antarctica 5 Dec to 20 Dec Site not yet constructed
Readers Theater Scripts, Elementary School Materials, etc. My site for Teachers
Family Tree
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