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It is incumbent upon you to read what appears in the news services of
other countries about the Mideast/Far East/World situation. U.S. News
is understandably biased. Don't believe everything you read from any
resource. Use your head and read reports from many sources to get a
more rounded view. Only then can you even begin to ferret out what
seems to be the truth.

MAPS FOR ALL WORLD LOCATIONS Afghan News Network See also their archives and yesterday's news links at page bottom Arabic--learn it online Basics Project Non-partisan site examining Terrorism, etc. BBC World news from the British perspective, and try BBC here as well. Beirut Lebanon ViewsDaily Star--Beirut, Lebanon Bible Read the old and New Testaments online or download a searchable copy. A-Z search here.
Use the comprensive A-Z search engine to find info on all things biblical (Catholic site) Drudge Report My #1 source for News - Links to Newspapers, Magazines, favorite journalists, and more Ecola Newstand Ecola Newsstand covers the globe. Locate news that your local newspaper doesn't cover.
Well organized local, national, and global news. Site quickly links to more than 6100
on-line news publications. Includes hundreds of on-line newspapers around the world
organized by country/ region/province/state as well as hundreds of on-line magazines,
organized by subject. Links to 17 organizations that specialize in breaking news, such
as the Associated Press, Reuters wire services, and broadcast organizations such as


Baghdad Iraq News Reports about Iraq gathered from various sources.
Fed. of American Scientists Weapons, arms, terrorism, intelligence...Tremendous resource site Iraq Body Count Data Base of Media Reported Civilian Death in Iraq due to the war. Read Quick-FAQ link for background.... IslamiCity News and views from an Islamic perspective. Jerusalem Post Jerusalem Post Internet news site Katy Islamic Ass'n American site with News on Islam. Korea KCNA Korean Central News Agency Kurdistan News from the "Patriotic Union of Kurdistan" MidEast War CasuatiesCoalition and US casualty totals to date in the current Mideast War(s) Military Deaths June 2007 CRS Report for Congress on U.S. Military deaths throughout history Protest Warrior Pro War site. Qur'an AKA: Koran. The source of the Islamic problem.
Noble Qur'an Look up by individual Suruh's here. Great search tool. Hadeeth Database. See also here--useful; and here another English Translation Reuters Best known and world's largest multimedia news service; headquartered in the UK United Nations Home Page
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