Virus,Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Folklore Debunking wierd conspiracy theories (did we go to the moon) and more odd stuff. Computer Associates Click on the Virus Information Center button. Browse A-Z for Virus/Hoax/Trojan/Threats Computer Virus Thomas Jefferson U. Virus Info Page Current NetLore An A to Z List Don't Spread That Hoax Hoax Site Hoaxinfo HoaxBuster's Home Page Dept of Energy Hoax Site; Click on it's Hoax Index Hoax Slayer Internet Scambusters Touted as #1 Publication on Internet Fraud Virus Information Library National Fraud Center National Fraud Information Center Nostradamus-repository A website for Nostradamus study. Scambusters Hoax? Lagend? Scam...and lots more. Find out here. Smit Fraud Fix Adware/spyware removel site(s) Urban Legends Reference pages. Sophos Virus Info ****Lists hoaxes/viruses alphabetically Spysheriff Removal Remove Spyshredder Symantec's Virus Site Comprehensive List of Viruses and Virus Hoaxes ( and here Truth or Fiction Tons of categorized headlines/stories with their validity--or NOT Truthminers There's a very nice index of hoaxes here. Urban Legends and Folklore Really informative site--look up your favorite--or new--urban legend Understanding Computer Viruses U. Nebraska site with just TONS of info. A valuable learning resource! Urban Legends Urban Legends Archive Some people believe anything; this site is proof. Favorite urban legends debunked. Virus Info Library Virus List Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, Myth, Hoax, you name it Virus Timeline Also, A-Z Computer glossary; Coputers and coputer usage.... Search Virus hoaxes, urban myths, etc. from A to Z
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