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Airdisaster.com Calls itself a "Must -see for every airline passenger" America's Infrastructre ASCE's 2001 report card on the Infrastructure of the US: Roads, Bridges, Schools, Water, etc. Animation tutorial Comprehensive Totorial for Beginners Balanced Energy Clean electricity from coal.... Book of Segway Interesting entertainment site Careerpath.com Classified ad Search to find a job anywhere in the US CareerJet Employment search engine for USA. In one simple search, Careerjet gives job seeker access to massive selection of jobs that are compiled from various internet sources, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually. Camera-coin Sized CollectingChannel.com Collectibles Committed Sardine Ian Jukes and other inspirational speakers. Complaints Online See the Complaints Online area at this page DIYnet Tips on how to make you own repairs on lots of stuff DoItYourself.com It's in the name. How to info and all aspects of home improvement Drop Zone Interesting search page, sorta... Dumblaws Look them up by state. Interesting reading. ExitSafe.com Looking for a Gasmask? Flowerweb "Flowerbase" is a searchable database of over 7000 flowers GasolineProtest.com Prices throughout the states Immigration Law An Overview. Legal rights, duties, obligations of aliens, naturalization.... Indian Arts Indian Arts and Crafts Association JobWeb Job hunting? Click on More Employer booths in Career Fair for an A-Z listing of employers Looksmart.com A quality web directory sorta like mine only with ads. Monett MO site And now from the Ozark folks. Click User Pages (Check Joe Nix's "VERITAS" page....) Monster.com Career Center Post your resume, search for a job.... Net-Temps.com Search Jobs by state. More Nolo Legal Encyclopedia Plain English articles on the legal topics that effect you most Our Strange World Weird and crazy links. Just funtime stuff. Also crazy news bits. Popular categories.com Internet maping company with some good links here. PedoWatch.org Internet protection from predators of children... Privacy Rights Identity theft, privacy, more Repair Clinic Appliance parts, help, and more RFID Baggage, passenger security method Secret World Directory Sentience of Data Transcript of Star Trek's Data sentiency trial Skymall Spawn.org The Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network SpyAmericaonline.com Q&A on protecting yourself. Purchase your 007 stuff here, too. Spycave Look here for lots of links to help you get the dirt and other info on people. Superstition Unusual Trivia Collection Taser Is this the coming self defense unit? Technology4Kids Odd name for a nicely categorized site chock full of links for places to buy stuff TrustForPublicLand Info, articles, regarding public land Ultimate Guys Guy Site. Buy super blenders, urinals, you-name-it buy stuff. UrbanChillers.com "The Home of Fear" VectorLounge Walking figures. Click on 4.Amsterdam and then select 8.Wireframes. Verse It Planning a party? Verses, how to address, how to tie bows. More Virtual Florist Send Flowers WackyUses.com Discover hundreds of little known uses for well known products. Walking Sticks Walking stick both new and antique for collectors or users. WetFeet.com Looking for a job? Do Research, Get Advise, Find a Job...
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