Links to explore Aeronautics Site 26 hands-on experiments, some basic, some advanced. Pressure, velocity, lift, etc. AIP American Institute of Physics. Online research journals, magazines.... Alka-Seltzer ExperimentsFive easy to do experiments with Alka-Seltzer AG Institute Institute for Agriculture and Trade AI-The Golem Project Robots build robots-Technical Anatomy-History Play the Smithsonian's Body Parts anatomy game Archeology Explore more than 120 U.S. National Parks and monuments Arctic and Antarctic Polar regions research; "natural laboratories" for scientists to study basic questions. BBC Science Click on the Science and nature link. Wow. Or any link! Wow again. Tons of stuff here. Biology Biology, the easty way. Several instructive animations on anthrax, mosquitoes, etc. BrainPop Animations address many science phenomena. You can watch 3 each day. Archaeology The stone age world of hunter-gatherers Archaeology Magazine Many archived articles plus current Magazine if Archaeology is your thing! Bad Science Basic Phenomena NSF Simulations of 40 phenomena: sea ice/CO2, climate change (230-year period), clouds/precipitation, coral reef evolution, universal fire shape, fire twirl/burst behavior, tornadoes, thunderstorms, typhoons, El Nino, greenhouse gases/sulfate aerosols, polar vortex breakdown, CO2 and temperature, CFCs in the ocean, cloud evolution (7-day period), daily weather in U.S., and more Bill Nye the Science Guy Great kids site with daily demos Biomes--All about Biome Cultures Biomes of the World Biomes, Your Key To Boids Lots of great science projects/activities, lesson plans, etc. links International Carnivorous Plant Society Caves Explore some of the awesome caves of the world. Links to other spelunking sites. Cells Alive Table of elements, and more on atoms, etc. Chemical History Investigate Chemical Discoveries and the people who made them. Has webquests! Coelocanth Lots of Coelocanth links. Convert English/Metric here or here Coso Rock Art One of the most Extensive Prehistoric Rock Art in U.S. CSICOP Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.
See also Skeptic and PHACT Critical thinking for Skeptics; debunking "science" Daylight Saving Time DigitalGeneration Scientific or engineering unit conversion tool A jam-packed informational site for serious dinosaur studies. Kids (click here) Dino Directory See dinos by era, location, name DNA Interactive Dedicated to study Watson and the of DNA...

Earthquake info

Earthquake Program USGS See also Expected Earthquake sites and check out the map of the quaked area here Earthquake Locator Includes maps of recent quake activity and links to FAQ and general quake information Earthquake simulation Photos, video segments, and even an earthquake simulation program Earthquake safety at school Earthquake safety at school (FEMA site) ABAG Earthquake Maps Excellent site, Southern California focus and broader ranging relevance and links. Earthquake Recovery Resource Guide Drop,Cover and Hold: Earthquake Safety for Kids Disaster Recovery Training for Volunteers Earthquake Safety Keeping your family safe during an earthquake Earth Science Earth Picture of the day. Each day a new photo. Check 3 year Archive Eric's World of Science Math, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry Exploring Earth More than 100 science animations. Great Site. Fear of Physics Interactive demos may help you to understand the principles of physics. Fed. of Amer. ScientistsEven UFO info Floral Radiographs Fluid Dynamics Fossil Hominids The evidence for human evolution. Excellent Anthropology data Fun Science Gallery Great projects for making telescopes, microscopes, batteries, etc. Geckos climb glass Pictures/text. No, it's not by suction cups! G.I.S.S. Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA Research Institute) Glass The physics of glass.Also see Pilkington's Web Site Ground Loops Great article on what they are and how to get rid of them. Hair Wow! Everything right to the cellular level, great graphics. Click on a picture. How Things Fly Aircraft, Spacecraft, Balloon... Hyper Physics Great site for physics explanations galore! Incubating eggs Wonderful site contains everything about hatching eggs and more/U. Miss. Interactive Physics Perform repeatable virtual experiments. Jamestown Rediscovery 1607-1698 settlement on Jamestown Island, Virginia Leeuwenhoek Pioneer of the microscope. Lightning Strikes NASA's site on Lightning Strikes Magnets--things to do with Lots of material on magnets and science stuff for kids as well Mantle Plumes Memory Experiments Tricks and techniques---grade levels for activities Mendelian Inheritance Esoteric site, genome project, genes, much more. Meteorite Properties How to distinguish meteorites from ordinary rocks. Metric System and Metric Conversion Tables. Excellent conversion site. Offers "tutorials" on Metric System and more! Microscopes A Visual history of microscopes. Miracle of Birth Great Quicktime movie footage From Nova's program. Explorations in Science with Dr. Michia Kaku Molecular Workbench Models ... Movie Physics Insultingly stupid movie physics Mummy dissection VR 10 million Tomographic Scans and Xrays make up these 3d interactive of movies NSF National Science Foundation Natural Hazards NASA Earth Observatory. See latest fires, floods, storms, volcanoes, dust storms...more Natural Disasters Site Weather, hurricanes, blizzards, tidal waves/sunamis, volcanoes, etc. New Scientist Ezine Be sure to look here for some interesting sub areas of the site. Paleo Field Trip Royal Museum. Videos, more. Nice site for teachers interested in paleontology. Ocean Adventure Best for Schools: Ocean discoveries/learning Just as the name implies. San Diego based Organization PBS Videos Powers Of Ten Image grids, each 10 times larger (or smaller) take you from subatomic to galaxy. The Prime Pages Prime Number Research, Records and Resources. Radioactive Products and other common sources of radiation. Interesting. Rueben H Fleet San Diego's Balboa Park Science Center and iMax Theater Ruler Experiment Sandia National Lab Nanocrystals, quantum dots.... Science-athon "Your link to the latest research news." Science Friday PBS radio with lots of great science links. Science Gifs Animated science GIFs by Michigan Science teacher Tom Diab Science Hobbyist Interesting science demos, explanations, links. See esp. Is your textbook wrong? Science Toys Science toys you can make which demonstrate fascinating scientific principles. Scientific American The prestigious Mag on line. Scientific Frontiers Hundreds of online articles on strange natural (and unnatural) phenomena Scientific Information research site. Search for any science topic Scrolls from Dead Sea See/read about ancient artifacts uncovered at Qumran, Israel Nemo Explorer Seafloor observatory Shake Map Home Page's earthquake tracking site Skeleton Movement What a cool skeleton action interactive site Skulls Cal Academy of Sciences; What scientists learn about evolution and behavior from a skull. All about snow crystals and snowflakes Stephen Hawking All about Stephen Hawking. Read some of his best lectures online. Soc.for Underwater Exploration Recently discovered Palace of Cleopatra among the ruins of underwater
Alexandria. Click on Alexandria Link Thermal Depolymerizaton Tsunamis and Earthquakes Vermiculture ****Learn about composting and vermiculture. Game part needs Macromedia Flash 5, a free download)
View the Worm Guide, a Vermicomposting Guide for Teachers Virtual Cave Tour caves around the world from your keyboard Visible Earth A searchable directory of images, animations, and visualizations of the earth. (and more!) Volcanolive Eruption dates, images, humor, scientific background, live volcano cams, more. Volcano World A rundown on volcanoes. Also see US Geological Survey and Global Volcanism Program Wave Interference Interactive site explaining wave interference; quantum physics, physics in general. Web Expeditions From Polar to Deep Jungle research, follow the expeditions. TheWhyFiles Science behind the news. Interesting reading. Check out the archives.
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