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The Qur'an and Islam

Before launching into a study of the Qur'an, one should be aware that it follows no chronological order
whatsoever, has no logical sequences, is extremely repetitious. Many of the same passages are repeated in
various of the 114 Surahs (Chapters). The Qur'an has been translated many times into English by many
learned men and if you click here you'll find links to each Surah with each verse translated by 3
different and respected scholars. The index link is most helpful here in searching for specific concepts
in the Qur'an. Each Surah is made up of verses, the number of which can be seen if you click the
Transliteration link. You may find the translation located at this link a bit easier to read.
You must also know that the Qur'an is taken literally as the word of Allah (as convoluted as it may seem)
but the Islamic religion has a second and equally important part, the Hadith, or "traditions," which are
said to be the words of Muhammad the "Prophet" as collected and written down by scholars more than a
century after his death. Muhammad, some accounts to the contrary, was illiterate and could neither read
nor write, so we are quite dependent on oral tradition to determine what his actual words might have been.
As a now student of the Qur'an, I recently located the following links which I find excellent.
Click here for Cornell University's Middle East and Islamic Studies Collection. Select RELIGIONS and then scroll down to Islam, and select HADITH Scroll down again and select Translation of Sahih Bukhari where you'll find links to the 93 books of the Bukhari's translation of the Hadith. I presented these links in this order to expose you to the various pages at Cornell where you can
find just about all you'd ever need to know about the Islam.
A searchable location of the Noble Qur'an can be found here and look at another Noble Qur'an site here. A Hadith which is searchable by terms is found at this site. Islamic Prayer times of the day by country,
calendar translator, and more can be found here Al Shir More translations here. Aalulbayt Global Information Center. Beliefs Examine this interesting list of areas such as cats, dating, yawning, suicide (prohibited).
The Qur'an is available at this site also. Islam City Search the Hadith...loads of links regarding Islam...Nice research site! Answering Islam This research/useful "Anti-Islam" Christian site from the UK has an interesting perspective. Arabic--learn it online here. Additional useful related research links can be found here. Faith Freedom Much insightful information about Islam by an ex-Muslim

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