Acoustic Guitar Resources and techniques *Search for your favorite artist, album, song, music style, label. I LIKE! For you Scots-thinking folk or just lovers of the pipe. Birthdate Song Will tell you what song was in #1 place on the day of your birth Campfire Songs Campfire songs for scouts and scouters Chiquitita Christmas Lyrics A very long list of arcived Christmas Lyrics Creating Music Music for kids. See how musical "shapes" contour the melody. Didjeridu Dreamtime Didjeridu server. Ever play one? Check out the list of people 'round the world who play it. Also check out the didj resource page with lots of links at .Didgeridu Resources For drummers. Duhhhh. Eat Sleep Music Karaoke Jukebox plays on its own online jukebox, words and music EFL Playhouse Primary School songs. Some with music, some without. 50's, 60's, 70's lyrics Dennis Pearson's Lyric Links eMedia Guitar *Check the Java Chord Dictionary here. Select, see and listen to dozens of chords. Links eMusic You can buy and download albums and songs here Free Music Reviews Unbiased review of music sites From The Top Young Classical Musicians; Public Radio International Get Lyrics Words and Karaoke Gnutella Really more of a search engine than a Napster clone; Tutorials, Read the FAQs, Great 60's Jukebox Harmony Central Long list of links to sites dealing with the music world Harold Moores Classical Huge collection of CDs and LPs. Free shipping Homegrown I Heart Radio 779 radio stations Indaba Musicians find one another, create/remix music; showcase work. Record with our online session console, find musicians around the world; blog. Songwriter and performer JHymn DRM Digital Rights Management remover Johnny Mathis Jukebox Legal MP3 Downloads Search and share files with anyone using the internet. Gnutella Network. Links to Lyrics A loose directory of lyrics sites. Liquid Audio Download the player and see what they have to offer Easy to use, lots of downloads, many free. Radio links Two thumbs up for this site. A-Z search by artist. Shows albums, songs, lyrics...more. Mediamonkey Organize your music, sinc iPhones, iPods etc and much more's site for the midi crowd. Software downloads Mozart's Life MP3 Mothership of digital audio sites. Free songs to download. New artists. Musical Instrument Technology London Guildhall University Claims links to 20,000 music links. A Music Search Engine Music Teacher's Assn San Diego branch. My "Personal" MP3 site. Locate and then store your collection here. Napigator Claims: "Your navigator to NAP servers and internet audio." How-to's are informative. Napster Well, if you're into music piracy.... And the beat goes on as of Feb 18 NY Philharmonic Kidzone Wonderful site. Check the Composer's Gallery and instrument storage room, among others. Opera World CD/DVD/Videos...All things operatic plus online courses! Words to grade school songs Peaches Lyrics! Like, 200 Ella Fitzgerald, 900 Frank Sinatra; More links... Piano Page "Links to Music-Related Sites"-hundreds- students, parents, teachers, pianists, sheetmusic, ... Pirates Bay Multi-platform downloads, over 500 million! o.99 per month, unlimited downloads. Playback Mag Music news Power Music Tapes Musical tapes School Of Rock The original SesameStLyricsArchive Remember all those many Sesame Street songs? Well, look no further. Silent Film Actresses Sonic Net 6-yr old bulletin board to massive music network; news; reviews; streaming music... Soundtracknet Dedicated to composers of movie and TV music; clips, interviews, reviews. Theremin A musical instrument you make sounds with simply by waving your arms. CDs, MP3, News, Song preview snippets; Can be difficult to navigate. Voyetra Music Software for your computer Jane Hudson
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