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A-BOMB Museum From the perspective of those on the ground. Academy of Natural Sciences Oldest science Museum in the country. Philadelphia. Airborne/Special Operations MuseumTravel through time (since 1940) with the Airborne! American Museum of Natural History and kids, be sure to check Ology for fun! Anne Frank Museum Netherlands Museum honoring Anne Franke ArchNet *Links to 122 other museums Art Institute of Chicago Explore with Quicktime Virtual movies Atomic Museums Atomic Museum National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico Audubon Institute Audubon Zoo/Aquarium Bakken Library/MuseumDedicated to application of Elecricity and Magnetism in society Balboa Park San Diego Museums and attractions Banana Museum Auburn, Washington's Banana Museum Boca Raton Museum of Art Just a few art pieces here, but you'll have to search a bit Boston Science Museum Great place to visit. Take the kids! British Museum The Wonderful British Museum in Downtown London. The Rosetta Stone is there. Great site. Chicago Field Museum Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Sue, the largest tyranosaurus rex is there. Corning Museum of Glass Denver Museum of Natural Science Detroit Institute of Arts Visit their collection Eiteljorg Museum A Museum of American Indians and Western Art Ellis Island Immigration Museum Celebrates the Gateway of over 12 million immigrants Eyeglasses Museum (Italy) Official Website in Italy. Eyeglasses, Pince Nez, Walking sticks, and more. Field Museum See Sue, the world's largest dinosaur here The Franklin Institute Philadelphia Science Museum Hands-on Science Centers WorldwideA great place to start a search for science resources Freud Museum Sigmund Freud's life and work Harvard Museum of Natural History LA County Museum of Art A World Renouned collection Lawrence Hall of Science Berkeley. Lots of interactive kid stuff. Click Publications and Products at bottom, then Play at the top. London's Natural History Museum A great site with many avenues to explore The Louvre - Paris Official Louvre Website Mariners' Museum Newport News, VA's Mariner's Museum .Museum index List of museums using the Museum domain Mercer Museum Bucks County, PA Historical Society Mesa Southwest Museum Mesa AZ museum site, mostly informational San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts Museum of the Rockies Paleontology Museum. Look around for the dinosaurs... MSU eMuseum Minnesota State University virtual museum. Pick a floor, select an exhibit. Archaeology... Museum of Unnatural Mystery Oooooo yeah Minnesota Science Museum Great Kid"s site--Easy to search MoOM Museum of Online Museums--Links to collections and exhibits New Mexico Museum Of Nat Hist Also has a host of links to other related sites. Nova Scotia Fossil Museum NY Met Museum New York Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Transit Museum European and American trains represented in scale models. Office Museum Museum of Office equipment. Rochester Museum and Science Center Rose Center AMNH Check out On Exhibit and the Fossil Halls San Diego Museums San Francisco Exploratorium Great Hands-On Science Museum San Francisco Fine Arts Museum Visit their collection Science Museum London's venerable Science Museum Semmelweis Museum in Budapest. English pages to come soon. Shoe Museum Toronto Shoe Museum. Shoes from around the world since the beginning of civilization. The Smithsonian The Official Site. Also see SI Infocenter Smithsonian History Not Just for Kids site. Explore the museum, artifacts, etc. Interactive Sykes Gallery A virtual gallery of Sculptures--notes prices on most Technology Museum of Innovation San Jose's Hands on Museum Thinker Fine Art Museums of San Francisco VizCayaMuseum National Historic Landmark in Miami WebMuseum Paris A large database of museums and exhibits the world over Witte Museum San Antonio


Audubon Institute Audubon Zoo and Aquarium Great Lakes Aquarium The nation's only all-freshwater aquarium Monterey Bay Aquarium Online Exhibits, Quicktime Movies... New England Aquarium Go on a virtual Whalewatch, visit the aquarium OK Aquarium Tulsa fantastic new aquarium. Project Seahorse and see also here for excellent pictures, info on keeping, etc. Stephen Birch Aquarium Scripps Institution of Oceanography Aquarium at UCSD Tennessee Aquarium World's Largest Freshwater Aquarium/iMax Theater. Click on Amazing Animals!


Bronx Zoo Largest metropolitan zoo in the nation. National Zoo (Wash., DC) If you like animals and you like "web cams," you'll love this look at our nation's zoo in the
Nation's Capital. At 11:30 am, you can watch them feeding the elephants! Philly Zoo America's first zoo. San Diego Zoo Zoological Society of San Diego. The world famous San Diego Zoo. Zoo Atlanta Nice job on your exhibits, Atlanta Zoo!
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