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(Click here for Photography-specific links) If nothing else, you can get a good map of Afghanistan here. Afghan News Network See also their archives and yesterday's news links at page bottom. The Age Melbourne, Australia Alter Net Far Left wing material, Civil Liberties, Patriot Act, etc. Al-Thawra Al-Wahda Arabic political daily newspaper. American Enterprise Institute Public Policy Rersearch American Thinker Republican Leanings Ananova A British Online news ezine AsiaOne Singapore...Asia's News, Business, and Lifestyle Asia Times Ask Men Men's Magazine. Looking for a friend/soulmate/lover? See Friendfinder AtlanticOnline Read the Atlantic's Online Journal Australia Mercury Tasmania BBC World news from the Brittish perspective, and try BBC here as well. Better Homes and Gardens The Online magazine. See the how-to encyclopedia of projects. Chicago Free Press Touts itself as being "The #1 Gay newspaper in the Midwest" ChristianScienceMonitor News. Citizen Voice Does your vote count? Lots of interviews by Gary Dietrich. Non-partisan political analyst CNN Online News and much more, of course. It's CNN! CNN en Espanol CSPI Center for Science in the Public Interest. Devoted to controversial topics. Computer World Columns and articles by many columnists. Consumer Reports The on-line edition. Past editions archived are free! Corpwatch "Holding corporations accountable" Daily Star Beirut, Lebanon view of the news. Daily Telegraph UK paper Daniel Pipes Noted commentator/journalist/columnist on the Middle East. Dawn Pakistan's most widely circulated (it claims) English language newspaper Debbie Does Pollitics Commentary--usually on Mideastern/terrorism/etc subjects Digg Great site with interesting off-beat topics Discover Magazine The great science magazine online District Weekly Drudge Report My #1 source for News - Links to Newspapers, Magazines, favorite journalists, and more Ecola Newstand Ecola Newsstand covers the globe. Locate news that your local newspaper doesn't cover.
Well organized local, national, and global news. Site quickly links to more than 6100
on-line news publications. Includes hundreds of on-line newspapers around the world
organized by country, region, province, and state as well as hundreds of on-line magazines,
organized by subject. Has links to 17 organizations that specialize in breaking news, such
as the Associated Press, Reuters wire services, and broadcast organizations such as
ABC, CNN, CBS, and NPR. Editor & Check out their media links to newspapers around the world. Electonic Intifada Definitely an anti-Israeli publication. Electronic News Stand Links to over 100,000 Magazines, Newsletters, and Newspapers alphabetically EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center. Left Wing civil rights watch. Español España Hoy Etherzone Hey click the "links" button and get a load of worldly links Family PC Magazine Family issues with the web, computers, etc. Great Monthly Magazine Fark Offbeat articles from the media Uncluttered eZine; reports, articles on culture, science, technology, entertainment...more. Yes! FindLaw Legal Commentary Foreign Policy in Focus Calls itself a "Think Tank Without Walls" Front Page Mag Glasgow Herald Glasgow Scotland Paper Google News Greg Palast Noted Journalist At the UK's Observer. Guardian UK Press Hackworth Described as a 60 sec. program that features topical websites.... Honolulu Advertiser Human Events Conservative leader in news Human Rights Watch The Independent UK Rag; News link Intellectual Activist Monthly magazine analyzing current political/cultural/philosophic issues from pro-reason/pro-indiviualist perspective. International Herald TribNew York Times Global rag Investor's Business Daily News and views from an Islamic perspective. Jerusalem Post Jerusalem Post Internet news site Korea KCNA Korean Central News Agency Kremlin Kuro5hin News from the Ulta far Left LA Observed LA Times Great paper. Lebanese views New York based. Mid-East links Macslash A daily dose of Mac news and discussion Magazine Directory ****Quick A-Z links to virtually every Magazine site you'd want to visit. Mercury News San Francisco Bay area paper Michelle Malkin Michelle's columns are always insightful and interesting! Move America Forward MSNBC Cable's internet site Muslim is an interesting, pro-muslim news site. See also Azizah for Muslim Women Nando Times Middle US group National Enquirer I just had to include this! National Post Canadian perspective on the news National Review Online Right wing, conservative rag. NewAmerican An extremist, conspiracy-theory on the fringes ezine Australia's take on the news. New Scientist Ezine Newsdirectory Find any newspaper, anywhere in the world Newsmap A great news site. I really like the way it's laid out to make navigation simple Newsmax America's News Page Newspaper Ass'n of America Check their Newspaper links. Even search by areas of newspapers, like sports, technology.... News With Views Pro war, hawkish New York Times Large East Coast news source News, etc. Wow. The World's leading resourced for Internet trends and statistics. Nuseum World's most interactive news "Museum" Online Newspapers By state and country.... Observer Premier UK paper On The Issues Every Political Leader on Every Issue Orbusmax A news page similar to Drudge Orlando Sentinel Outer Limits Watch all the episodes on YouTube Palm Beach Fla Peacefire Commentary Pew Reports Pew Global Attitudes Project Politico Pravda Online Public Agenda Online The inside source for public opinion and policy analysis Que A group of cities with news websites. Reader-San Diego Reader's Digest Canada Canada Reader's Digest home page Radio Netherlands Real Clear Politics Political analysis ezine Reason Newspapers by state and worldwide. Quick site to...Does your home town have a paper? Reuters 'Nuff said. RollingStone San Diego Union tribune "Sign On San Diego" Scientific American The prestigious Mag on line. Scotsman Scotland-- views of the news Scottish Daily Record Scotch views SF Gate Slashdot News for nerds. Slate SMH Sunday Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia Smoking Gun Interesting offbeat articles. Click on the Archive link. Steve Quayle The World of....News/Lots of links, articles, survival stuff. Gives sources! Straits Times Singapore's take on the news Swiss Info To inform Swiss living abroad of events in their homeland; raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries Tampa Tribune 365 Gay Popular Gay e-zine This Is True Strange but true stuff (?) Time Magazine Great News Site Times Online (UK) Tombstone Tumbleweed Yep. The real Tombstone, AZ, has a website! Tom Pain Common Sense Townhall Conservative News and Information Tri-Valaley Cantral Pinal County--several papers in one Phoenix organization. News reporting on the fringes... 21st Century Interesting UK ezine UK Telegraph Excellent foreign news site Univision Spanish ezine Untrue News USAToday World News Headlines ... U.S. Term Limits Content-rich site for national political news, polling and survey archives. Thorough California Politics coverage. Voz de Aztlan Mexican-American Tabloid. News twisted into racial attacks (Uh, Mexican is NOT a race, duhhhh) Wall Street Journal's ezine Washington Monthly Conservative leanings Washington Post DC's eye on the news WashingtonTimes The Week India's #1 Weekly News Magazine (or so it claims) A rather eclectic collection of newsy stuff. New York Metropolitan Wired News Working For Change Activist's Site A Free Press for a Free People World News Very comprehensive news site for worldwide news World Public Opinion Washington D.C. Window on the World site. Mid East zMagazine Online zNet


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