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Bars "Mappy hour" leads you to a cocktail bar near you! You can add your favorite spot(s) in town. Bathrooms Gender-neutral for all you transgendered folks out there Atlas of Cyberspaces Internet geography California Coastline Ken Adelman, retired tech mogul is flying his helicopter down the west
coast making a magnificent photo mapping of the coastline. Nearly
10,000 digital photos so far (11-4-02) . Great site! CIA Maps ****Maps of virtually everywhere stored at U.Texas. Color Landform Atlas of the US State by State Earth Maps (from space) Virtual real time earth mapping from space. Fourmilab site in Switzerland Earthviewer Pay site. Fly from Space to Street level. See also Digital Globe Fast Food Find a fast food joint near you--or add your favorite to the map Floods NSA topo data to show how coastlines will look with each meter of sea level rise Globe Explorer Maps and Satellite imagery Global Positioning System Overview Google Maps Zoom in on street or Satellite Map, drag to recenter or take a trip!!!Look at your house... Live Search Microsoft's map/satellite view of the world. Lycos Roadmap Point to Point driving directions Map Archive, The Map Machine NGS Hundreds of political/historical/street/income and weather maps--more MapQuest Point to Point driving directions Maps On Us Maps, Routes, and more. Nicely detailed with names, Zoom, Lat/Long Microsoft's Terraserver Can you find your home from space shots? MultiMap UK site with European maps especially, but world as well. Dept. of Interior. Great interactive map site of US. Demographics, many selections. National Geographic Society Well, what else... Night Skies Maps of the world's nighttime brightness NOAA's Geocentric Satellite Server Satellite pictures of the US. Pedia X Markers from Wikipedia entries fill the map as you mouse across Earth Pedometer Select points on map to see how far between them... how far do you walk? Wow. Now this I like. Zoom, Recenter...all the features. Great street map. Space Imaging WTC Shots. Normally a buy site of satellite shots of earth-places.
State Research Fifty States InfoPlease site--Really neat for researching states. 50 States Encyclopedia of States. Great Site! The US 50 Just click on a state for tons of info, history The 50 States
Tiger Maps Used by the Feds 'cause it's good! USGS Topo maps of Entire US. Cursor indicates Lat/Long US Peak Foliage Map See where the leaves are peepin" World Atlas World Satelite Maps A place to buy Satelite Maps U of Texas Maps U of Texas's great Library Map collection Xpeditions National Geographic site with Printable maps, etc.
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