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These are some excellent links for people who wish to learn English (and some other languages).
A search ofthe internet will show many other good web pages for this purpose. Activities for ESL students Over 1000 activities, quizzes and puzzles. American Sign Languages Resources Babelfish Type in a word or paragraph and translate into all major languages. Great books online; Gray's anatomy, Shakespeare, classics, more. Find quotes here Venerable encyclopedia. Search it! Dave's Internet Cafe Look up words. Ask Dr. Dictionary about grammar, etc. Digital Library The Online Books Page; Read 14,000 plus books online Encarta MSN's Encarta program is encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary, and much more. . *Delightful K-4 Perfect interactive picture dictionary; A-Z Click-on's. Multi-language. Encyclopedia Wikipedia, the free online multilingual encyclopedia *Touts 50,000 articles plus on the Internet's premiere free encyclopedia EncyclopediaMythica A Concise encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend; gods genealogy tables English Club Language materials of all kinds. English Listening Lounge $20/month using Real Audio free software, but several listening activities for free. English Page Online lessons.... English Portal The way to better English--free signup site English Professor Worksheets, activities English-Zone Lessons, books, grammar, Dolch List, worksheets, much more ESL Cyber Listening Lab Listen to english narrations and then answer questions about it. ESL Partyland Student and teacher sections Quiz Center ESL Resources for Students ESL rong-chang Proverbs, translation in all major languages, jobs, lesson plans ESL Self Study Quizzes French Language What if you don't speak French? Some basic info... Fun With Anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, oxymora, cockney slang, much more. Great word site! Hummingbird American English (audio) InfoPlease A searchable gateway to almanacs, encyclopedias, and dictionaries online. This day
in history...and a bazillion other things on this site. Click on "more" under today's
birthdays and type in your birthday and see who shares it with you. Great
Entertainment Biographies section. A 2 thumbs up site! Ingles Mundial Online lessons Interesting things for ESL studentsPuzzles, quizzes, games, you name it.... Internet Picture Dictionary The Language Center Miriam Webster on-line Dictionary/Thesaurus and more. Latin Phrases Look them up by A-Z index. More..... Learning English BBC site. You'll have to search for the link when you get to the site. Leo Lab Use the tabs at the top of the page. Lots of links as well. LibrarySpot Lots of bookish, library stuff here, and links of all kinds LingoLex Learn Spanish/English Read the works of Aesop, Bronte, Carroll, Dickens, Dumas, Poe, Tolstoy, Wells and many others online One Look Dictionaries **Great categorized collection--954 resource books of all kinds of, encyclopedias, etc. online!
(General Dictionaries, Slang, Special Subject Dictionaries, Business, Computer/Internet,
Medical, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Sports, and Technological) One look Dictionary Short version. Type in a word to search many dictionaries. Online Books Over 16,000 eTexts to peruse; also look here Our Documents Top 100 National Documents compiled by the National Archives and Records. Picture Library N. Central Regional Educ. Library.Search for you report picture here. Quia Subscription education site with 30 day free trial Stories to grow by Stories, readers Theater, plays.... Nice site. Study Spanish Schools on both sides of the Atlantic; see also here Super Quiz Machine For ESL Students. Presents fill-in statements. Grades responses. Webster Dictionary Miriam Webster Dictionary Online Choose your grade. Online crossword; day in history; much more. Wendy's World Illustrated fables, folktales, fairy tales, and campfire stories. World Book Online Encyclopedia World Wide Words Oodles of stuff to look up about words, family names Your Dictionary Just type in the word you seek the definition of and voila!
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