Illegal Immigration

Reform Act 2007 pdf The entire text of the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (23 pp) Border Fence Act pdf Think it will be enforced/built as required by this law signed by Bush October 26, 2006 (Only 4 pages long. Read it!) Center for Immigration Studies Results of 2007 study Duncan Hunter If We Build it, They Won't Come Thomas Sowell Get Real About Immigration

Useful Resources

Conservative Viewpoints Fire Society The Best of The Washington Times; Republican Candidates on Immigration (If you can believe it...) Human Events Keep abreast of the (conservative)news. Liberal Viewpoints Alter Net ...looking for a few good Liberal resources for balance, but sites must so state--that they are Democratic or liberal, as the Conservative sites state they are Republican or conservative, if that leaning is not absolutely obvious. Immigration Daily Pro- immigration site
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