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The Middle East What's their real problem with America, and why? Read carefully.

American Border Patrol Civilian Border Watch ARB Air Resources Board. American Memory Internet access to 7 million historical documents Army National Guard Better Business Bureau BJA Bureau of Justice Assistance BOP Bureau of Prisons. Also see State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Bureau of Public Debt Daily interest rates, T bills, Savings CA Assembly California constitution California Code of Regulations California Law Codes California Office of Administrative Law Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response. Health topics A-Z Census A-Z Index U.S. Census Bureau site to research stats A to Z. Census info from 1990 Census Uses Tiger Map presentation Census 2000 Check the "Tiger Maps" link for a great map service. Also check the A-Z area here. Chula Vista City CIA World Factbook WOW! Talk about info-plus.... CIA Homepage Yep. Congressional Email by Zip Congress at your fingertips: Elected officials, issues, legislation, Guide to the media Congressional Medal of Honor Society--Recipients, etc. Federal Resource for Consumer Information Consumer Product Safety This Commission is an Independent Federal Regulatory Agency. Also see Ripoff Report Contact the Congress Database of Congressional Contact Information Crossroads2 Committee/group closely monitoring/examining the Chula Vista Redevelopment plan CST Released Questions 2003 Through 2008 CST Released Test Questions CA Dept of Ed Dept. of Justice site dealing with Cybercrime. See also isonews Defense Industry Daily Oh, yeah. They've got a website. DOE Department of Energy. Desert Star Spy Satellites Imagery Intelligence from satellites Disability Direct Disabled? Governmental programs, etc.See also here and here DOJ U.S. Department of Justice DOL US Department of Labor DOT US Department of Transportation Do Not Call Program Californians register for FTC Do Not Call Program which stops Telemarketing Calls nationwide Educational Excellence Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Endurng Freedom Patriotic Collage Poster in honor of Saptember 11... EPA Learn about the current air quality in your area of the country. ESGR National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. Executive Orders For background see Presidential Directives at page bottom. FBI FBI Freedom Of Information Lots of neat papers released under Freedom of Information Act FCC and see also the FCC Consumer Alert Factsheet FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration Federal Consumer Info Center Another free site in Pueblo, CO 70+ agencies; statistics on government. A to Z. Excellent research site. FedWorld Info Home Page What a resource! Fire Congress Lots of Gov't info and links First Gov Sign up for Gov mailings such as food and drug names, travel warnings.... Fly Faa Airport Conditions FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Former Government Secrets More Secrets released under the Freedom of Information Act. Friends of the Border Patrol Civilian Border Patrol watch FTC Federal Trade Commission Home Page. Need to file a complaint? GAO Government Accounting Office Geostationary Satelite ServerView from Satelites Global Security Great site for politics, government, military... material Global Volcanism Program Volcanoes of the world. Click on the map of active volcanoes to get info. Goldmines ****Excellent collection of Government sites all in one place. Gulf War Vets Managed by Veterans advocate Joyce Riley Homeless GIs Howard/Jarvis Taxpayer's Association HUD Reverse mortgages, etc. IRS Pub #463: Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses
Pub #501: Exemptions, Standard Deductions and Filing Info.
Pub #535: Business Expenses
Go to Forms and Pubs, then Publications OnLine Deductibles Pub 502 IRS Questions 31 Questions and answers about the IRS that may be of interest.... Janes World's leading Defense Information Service Kids A great site for kids; games; trivia; Art-to-Transportation links Kid Safety Fun site for kids dealing with safety and everyday activities. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Reading Room Home Page MDW Military District of Washington. Military news,ceremonies, celebrations.... Medal of Honor Actuals and phoney. See also: CyberSeals, Stolen Valor, Phony Veterans, Pow Network Medicare Medfield Military Interests? Want to find an old Military buddy? Military Interventions Minuteman HQ Civilian Border watch, and also at Minuteman Project Money Know your money; Making Copies, etc. US Secret Service page. National Archives and Records Administration. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, more. National Center for Eductional Statistics Nat. Interagency Fire Center National Marine Fisheries National Weather Service A-Z Glossary of terms. Navy NIAID National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases NIH National Institutes of Health NIMH National Institute of Mental Health official site NIST TIME National Institute of Standards and Technology. Official US Streaming time by zone NOAA National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency -- Weather NPS National Park Service NoChildLeftBehind New US Dept of Education Law Jan 2002 NSF National Science Foundation NTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. OpenSecrets--Money in Politics Where does the money in politics come from, etc. Our Documents 100+ documents from U.S. History. Passport/travel Gov't site for passports and travel info Patent and Trademark Office PeaceCorps Wanna volunteer and help redefine the world? Politifact Political fact or fiction? Population census Statistics on the population census to Nov 2000 POW Network Issues, Phonies, POW, MIA, etc. PTSD VA's Website for PTSD. Also try 9-11 disaster PTSD site, and PTSD Alliance Public Citizen "Eyes" on Washington, voting records; Protecting health, safety, democracy since '71 Ready Terrorist attack? What to do. Biological, Chemical, Nuclear, Explosions. What to have ready.... "Interest in public safety" Hmmmm. I found Obama's recovery bill (H.R.1) here and a lot more. HOw it's being spent... Republican Policy Comittee County Records SD Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego Sandia National Laboratories Nanocrystals, quantum dots.... San Diego Sex Offenders Map. Locate by neighborhood or school area within 500 feet Savings Bonds Bureau of Public Debt Online. Buy your Savings bonds online! SBA Small Business Association. Starting a business? SCAAP State Criminal Alien Assistance Program Science Browse exhaustive index of federally funded research. Millions of pictures available. SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Social Security Online Social Security Retirement SuiteEven has a calculator for benefits Spaceflight Human Spaceflight info from Nasa; see also Spacestation. Track its movements here Space Flight Basics How do you get to another planet from here? Spectator Latest political news, blah blah blah. Spinsanity "Countering Rhetoric With Reason" Political spinsters watch out! Anti Bush or government?Hmmmmm State Department State Governors Click on a state to email your governor. State Government Web Sites Technology Transfer-Office of Take a peek at all the technology developments at this Mil site Legislative Information on the Internet Search Transortation Security Administration UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice United Nations Home Page Yep. And available in several languages. United Nations Statistics UN Statistics Division -- Worldwide Statistics. Excellent reasearch site. US Census Bureau Subjects A to ZThe Census Info; click here for census home page USCIS Citizenship and Immigration Services. US Congress and see Congressional Research Service Reports See also here Almost like being a fly on the wall of congress! US Constitution US Dept of Education USGS Track droughts, measure water quality, monitor local water resources US Government First Gov Official Page. What do you want to know? US Geological Survey Volcano site details current research US House of Representatives US Mint Kids Games, Activities, lessons...more! US Navy US Patent and Trademark Office USPS Zip and 4-code lookup A handy reference US Senators Tax Code The complete text of the US IRS code. US Treasury SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission VA Home Page Also Toll Free info 1-800-827-1000 VA Online Apps Vets: apply for disability comp, pension, voc and rehab benefits, etc. or health benefits online. Vital Records State by State A handy reference Vets for Common Sense Vote-Smart Find your legislators, how they voted, family/eductional history, addresses. More Wayback Machine Electon Collection: 2000 websites from the past The White House Official White House Home Page Wikileaks Publishes/comments on leaked documents alleging government/corporate misconduct. ...could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information act. Time Mag World Intellectual Property Org A handy reference Zip Code Lookup Clean interface. Zip Codes-Rate Calculator Change of Address and mail rules, laws--More...
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The Drug War

Drug Laws Have Failed Book. Why Our Drug Laws have Failed and What We Can Do About It. Judge Jim Gray. Freevibes Info on all kinds of drugs and drug topics. Marijuana "The Internet's answer to the drug war." Links, Articles, News about...
Health effects Industrial Uses NORML National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws US Dept of Health Alcohol, Tobacco, and Illegal drug use
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