Finance/Investing/Stock Market

Many investment sites will allow you to set up and manage a portfolio
online for free. Look for a "Portfolio" button or other clues ....

AAII American Ass'n of Individual Investors. Pay to join. AFFIL Americans for Fairness in Lending. Consumer advocate organization American Stock Exchange Just like it says! Ameritrade Annuities Quotes, the market, annuities Ask Gomez Guide to online buying; eg. find online brokers, Much more here Find rates in your area for CDs, loans, etc. Like a financial councellor but not. Hmmm Bigcharts Check current and historical performance of stocks. Bud Hibbs America's consumer credit advocate. Don't deal with debt collectors, Cambridge Advisors Payment Card Information Network. Try the "Card Trak" button first. CBS's Market Watch A no-nonsense style aimed at novices. Track investments, learn, blah blah blah Chicago Board of Trade Corn, soybeans, wheat, blah blah blah and more! Chicago Mercantile Exchange The name tells it. More... China Growth Fund College Board College bound students--a wealth of info on costs... Debt Collectors Drowning in Debt? Hounded by debt collectors? Look here for some great tips. EDGAR A history of EDGAR, the SEC and the Internet. Open Source Software, etc. EDGAR Database SEC's EDGAR database of Corporate Information ; EDGAR tutorial. Search... Fair Credit Billing Choose the area of your investment needs. Access your accounts,; learn about... FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Fidelity Investments One of the largest and grandest investment houses Look around for calculators to help in your determinations. The Financial Advisors Financial Designs Limited site (CA) with links to Tax Code and Tax Board MORE Free real-time quotes, plus lots of research data Free real-time stock market quotes (NO 15-minute delay) Fund Alarm When to sell or consider selling Click on Consumers link and away you go Sell, buy --lists over 10 million items Hoover's Investment/Business site Publisher of consumer loan information; Lender and rates/ loan rate indexes/ statistics Insurance Rates Find life insurance rates from 175 companies/550 policies; apply online. Great A-Z Links Investopedia ****Take a peek at the financial dictionary and Great tutorials here! InvestQuest Free quotes and charts Invest Talk LIFFE London international financial Futures. World Centre for euro money market derivatives trading MoneyCentral MSN's finance site; a plethera of functions Morningstar Mutual fund rater. "Investor classroom" The Motley Fool Informative investor's website My FICO The scoring system that lenders use. Not free. Nasdaq Nasdaq stockmarket site. Sharebuilder site; invest, look up, learn how to invest. Buy even single shares NYSE New York Stock Exchange The internet leader for name brands at clearance prices PCQuote Free Portfolio. Market site, market news, Nice. Fidelity... A good place to start your online shopping. Quicken Pay bills, track stocks, take out a loan, insurance quotes.... Lycos' very useful Stock Service Largest selection of instant insurance quotes on earth. Raging bull Stock quotes, portfolios... Red Chip Review Independent researchon small-cap stocks Buy returned items at greatly reduced prices Sallie Mae Educ. Loans Scholarships for Hispanics Interesting format. Stock Market Game Use this realistic simulator to learn about the stock market. Charts, etc. Openings, closings... Stock Point Customized investment tools and Market info Set up a portfolio, track stocks, invest... Street Market news. A lot of financial information. Track stocks... TaxPlanet A free e-mail newsletter with many tips. Has link to your state's web site. Value Line Impartial rating of stocks
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