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Abandoned Missile Base Silo TourExplore the cavernous depths of these wasted remnants of the Cold War through of Virtual Reality. Absolute Trivia Great trivia site with search engine for trivia. Addicting Games Anagram Server Check out this neat anagram maker from Wordsmith. Ananova Just crazy news stories and the like. April Winfrey uses this site .... 'nuff said. Astrology & Horoscopes Now how did this malarky sneak in here? Astrology-Numerology, etc. Nice site for you astrologers! Beanie Babies BrainPop.com Just a fun kids' site with health, science, technology, Dozens of great animated movies, such
as How An Airbag Works; The Brain; The International Space Station; Sunscreen....
Bus Plunge Weird Stuff, accidents, etc. Cardtricks Center for Chihuahua Exploitation Don't miss NASA photos of Chihuahuas approaching 500 mph in top-secret wind-tunnel experiments. Clickmazes Printable and online playable mazes and puzzles


ActionPlanet Online only superhero action comics with an irreverent attitude. Aargon Zark Charlie Parker's stunning art and computer graphics IcedBox.com Another site for cybercomic enthusiasts. Marvel Comics Animated comics. Some of their original..like Spider Man StanLee.net Comic Book Online-Features free and original comicstrips-artists, ...
Complaint Generator Don't know exactly how to put these mean, ugly thoughts into writing?
Try this automatic complaint letter generator. Fun! ChessKids Learn to play chess. Cockeyed.com Ever wonder how many packets of catsup are in a catsup bottle, and weird stuff like that? Color test Crazy Joe's Surf Lounge Beach Info, surf conditions, entertainment and much more Crop Circles Explained These guys make 'em; you can see 'em. Diners Game Driver's License Lookup Cute. Try this out. Electronic Greeting Cards Email free electronic greeting cards. Over 123 sites listed in this neat index
providing this service. One of the oldest is Blue Mountain Arts. Drudge Retort A parody of the Drudge Report. Escher Spacial illusions, impossible buildings, tessellations, and more. Famous birthdays And Games, lots of fun stuff. Fark Fun stuff; links The Fifties A Graphic Portrait of the Fifties in America 5 Finger Magic See some magic tricks. Join to see solutions Fortean Times Fortean Times is the "Newsweek" of strange science. Free Arcade Play here! Funsearch123.com 110,000 listings of fun stuff to do" FunTrivia.com The Trivia Portal. World's largest with over 217,000 questions, 17,000 games, some online.... Gameblast Games, puzzles... Games.Yahoo.com A nice on-line games collection Try here for More games or here, and here for Alfy Grand-Illusions.com Grand Illusions, optical toys, and even a little magic... GreatIllusion Great "illusion" artwork and Poetry/writing GreatBridgeLinks.com Play Bridge Online Ideosphere Trade shares that represent the odds of possible events of all kinds! InstantSport stats Amazing instant stats in any sport, any player; Anything Sports; Links Mazes 1 Life size mazes....where they are in America? The World? Mazes 2 Mazes in America; Cornfield mazes Mindbenders Some neat illusions and a bit more. Names: Behind the Name: The Etymology and history of names. One Across Need help with your word puzzle? Parascope PARASCOPE peers at UFOs, Bigfoot, Shroud of Turin, CIA Covert ops, Aliens, Black Helicopters... Pazsaz.com Toons, Recipes, Games, ... Loaded with fun stuff Pencil/Pen Spinning The great useless pasttime. Quicktime Movies to show you how.... Pogo Sign up and then play games of all kinds Porn? Power Loafing When you have nothing but to loaf with your computer, an how to get away with it. Puzzles.com Visit the Puzzle Playground Quizfactor Quizzes of all kinds from A-W (Animals and Nature to WWII) Beat the clock! Scottkim.com Puzzles, games, etc. Sesame Street Yep! Read stories Online--a broad bandwidth helps... The Simpsons Official Web Site. Lots of fun here for Simpsons lover Ski Central #1 Search and index for Skiers and Snowboarders Sodoku Solemates The century in shoes! Stoopid Stuff Page Wierd Stuff, Illusions, Cow Tipping, a fun place just to spend time. The Straight Dope "Fighting ignorance since 1973." Enlighten the misinformed about internet rumors, etc. Stupid Name Generators A long list of stupid name generators Surfmonkey Play games, mazes, puzzles, great siter for fun-for-all Tribute in Light Panorama the Truth.com Kind of a fun, anti-tobacco site with lots of poll questions. Twine Tour Largest ball of twine; links to lots of odd stuff Twist Text Game Beat the clock in spelling words from 6 scrambled letters. Boggle-like UFOs: The Black Vault US Gov Secrets Exposed. Claims largest databases of US Gov docs re: the UFO phenomenon. Urban Legend Spoof Make your own urban legends. Urinal.net A huge, categorized collection of pictures of urinals all over the world! UselessKnowledge.com Over 25,000 facts, trivia, quizes, bits of useless knowledge. Fun stuff here. Useless Pages Loads of fun available at the websites linked to from this page. Wordsmith Anagrams and much more. Look under the Odds 'n Ends link. World of Escher Spacial illusions, impossible buildings, tessellations, and more. WorldWide Words "Investigating Internation English from a British Viewpoint" x-Entertainment Pokes fun at, well, just about anything ZE Frank Shapes 'n stuff to do with your idle time. Fun for all!


Looking for books to read online? There are thousands. Also see some links under Education. Alex Catalog of Electronic Texts. Thousands of Public Domain texts to download or read online Amazon.com Buy books, funiture, more online AudioBooks.com Books to listen to. You can even trade 'em in when you are done! Barnes and Noble Bookstore--buy online Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit and a host of other books, online. Requires Real Audio (Free Install) BiblioFind.com More than 20 million used, Rare or out-of-print books. Locate those imposible-to-find titles Books-for-Cooks.com 191 category search Guys Read A literacy program to connect boys with books they will want to read. Just So Stories 12 Kipling stories including Elephant's child L Frank Baum The Wizard of Oz and all the OZ stories, and don't miss Baum Archive Longfellow Poems Mystery-Books.com For the supersleuth or amateur detective Peachpit Press Stories to Grow By Web-Books
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April's Butt Page Barking Spider Jokes, "Good, Clean Fun" Big Fat Baby Links to other sites. Jokes; Humorous pictures.... Billboard Humor Bush Parody George Bush parody. Note Gore button at bottom. Carpal Tunnel Onset Accelerator Cat Laugh Comedy On Tap A variety of humor genres Comical Animations Comics Read your favorite comics here, more here ComicsPage and more at Webcomics Cranks Cranks, crackpots, kooks and loons on the net. Interesting and fun! Cutestuf.com Jokes, Funny Picture... Debs fun pages Good humor archive Despair.com Humorous cards, items, objects to buy.... Dilbert.com Daily comic strip Dlisted The dirt on your favorite Hollywood Celebrity Dribbleglass Funny graphics site Engrish.com Funny ads in Japan using which use Engrish. Dig it! Fat Lane Online Funny Pictures Archive Funny Junk Adults only, please! Lots of funny jokes, videos, etc.... Funpile Got Laughs Jokes, Pictures, Etc. Great White Whale Humor X rated humorous emailable cards Joke of the Day Daily Jokes posted Just Laugh Laugh Lab Experiment in Humor Liquid Generation Funny animated news, games. etc. For Example, Drunken Hangman using bawdy terms.... Modern Humorist.com Some very funny stuff here. Museum of Bad Art Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art. National Lampoon Lampoons martyrs, the 72 virgins, etc. Very funny site. Oracle Humor Database A really huge categorized archive of jokes, new and old Potbelly Patriot Registration Someone has way, way too much time on their hands! Funny Satire Wire News commentary (ha) with a twist. Scream! Log on here and watch for the ghost. Give it about a minute Strange Cosmos Just wild and whacky stuff, pictures, jokes, strange thoughts.... Stupid.com Games, jokes, gifts, toys....and other "stupid" stuff. Top Five Sign up for membership to this joke site. TopFunPages.com Surf over here for some quick fun stuff. Trev's Weelky Picks TwistedHumor.com Check out the archive. Join for daily. Wacky Wits Wit City Links to humorous places....
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Admit One Step by step guide to film making by Artists Rights Foundaton All Watchers Get the data on your favorite Movie American FIlm Institute AFI's site dedicated to advancing and preserving the art of the moving image. Look 'em up here. AOL Movie Lookup You'll just have decide which lookup site you like best! Bob Hope ChristianFilmRatings Cinemascope Look up movies, check their ratings, etc. Steve Bridges does George Bush Go to Youtube.com to see many more Bridges skits. Steve Bridges does George Bush on Foxworthy show Steve Bridges does George Bush Along with Pres. George Bush on stage! Can you tell them apart? Steve Bridges does Obama Jan 2010 at the Comedy Club. Amazing semblance!

Cinematography links

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Academy of Television Arts and Sciences American Academy of Arts & Sciences American Society of Cinematographers Cinematography Mailing List The Internet Movie database Media Communications Assn Int'l, San Diego Chapter Student Filmmakers.com Student Television Network Society of Camera Operators Screen Actor's Guild Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
DVD Review A Goldmine of info. Upcoming releases,.... Check the Hidden Features section for
"Easter Eggs" (stuff you would never find if someone didn't tell you how to access it.) E! Online "Entertainment's Home Page" or so it claims. Family Movie Reviews Online Films new and old for family appropriateness. Remember, videos are movies too! Fandango Local Movie Theaters-- #2 Lookup site, a very close second Film.com Lots of info about movies.... Hollywood.com All kinds of Hollywood stuff iFilm.com Movie trailers, film clips, blah blah blah Internet Movie Data Base Hollywood, search for your favorite films/stars ...whatever Moviefone Local Movie Theaters-- #1 Lookup site in my book Movie Mom Thorough reviews of new and old films, scariness... MoviePoopShoot Sure a lot here for a non-serious review site. As seen on Jay and Silent Bob... Need I say more? Movie Spoiler The butler did it. Good Site! Gives away endings to many films. Movie Technology Flash animation explain how movies, TV broadcasts, sound track are recorded/played Movie Trailers PublicFilmWorks Participate online in the making of movies. Hmmmm. Mr. Showbiz Packed with TV, Movie info; Features, games, music celebs...you name it. Odeon UK People.com Detailed information about stars and their lives. Public Domain torrents Movies that made history -- sort of Revver Shorts Video Network. Watch 'em! Screen It! Ratings in categories such as Frightening, Violence. Detailed commentary Soap Opera Digest Star profiles etc. for late afternoon TV adicts. News releases, blah blah blah Soundtracknet Dedicated to composers of movie and TV music; clips, interviews, reviews. Slingshot Entertainment iMax films available.... Startrek-Original Series Studio.Go Buena Vista Online Entertainment...Movie, TV, Soap.... info Stump The Shark Get info about your favorite TV show Trailers Apple Quicktime Movie Trailers. TV Guide Online Yep, it is! Untrue News Westerns Western Movies, trivia, etc. Who Is That Actors who seemingly always play minor parts Wil Wheaton Remember Wesley Crusher on Star Trek? That's Wil and this is his cool site.
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