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Green descriptors indicate those sites which are especially good, easy to navigate K-8 kids sites.

Age of Exploration From ancient times through Captain Cook (Mariner Museum) ALA's 700+ Great Sites Great websites for young people up to age 14 and young minds of all ages. AOL school Neat info, movies, etc. for Grades K-12--fun, informative, useful, educational Apple Learning Interchange Apple's online resource for teaching, learning, research and collaboration Art of Construction Some interesting examples/animations from the Art of Construction Art Zone Great fun with these art activities Ask Eric Site World's largest source of Educational Information Ask Jeeves Research; type in a question ASL Browser Mini Quicktime movies: Tons of words in American Sign Language; see also Finger Spell and Handspeak and Special Needs ASL Video Library, Blind and Visually Impaired Audrey Wood's website Author/illustrator Wood and husband Don's interactive look into their many books. BBC Education This is a great K-2 or 3 (ELD) interactive site Ben's Guide to the US Gov. Explore the US Government by grade level! Cartoon format. Check here, too! Biographical dictionary Search by name, dates, etc, for info on over 28,000 noteable people BrainPop Health, Science, Technology, Math, English, Social Studies... Movie clips... More! California Mission Trail CandleLight Stories Click the Read Online Storybooks link at this site. Chemical What's in that stuff? A great site to tell you what stuff is made of--like lightsticks, cement, ice cream, more.... Chemistry: Table of Elements An interactive table of elements that is easy to use and full of information. CIA Kids Color Landform Atlas of the U.S. Maps of all kinds or click here Country Studies Federal Research Division/Library of Congress database. Huge. Click link to the country in question. Dickens Interactive Make/ print crosswords, word searches. etc.Teachers, student, parents resources.Cool Tools, clip art Ed Helper Lots of stories, activities, printouts, great site links. EduPlace Houghton Mifflin's site Exploring Earth Earthquakes, ocean, over 100 animations/images re: concepts in Earth Science Exploring the New World Excellent 5-6 grade site --Colombus, etc. *Very nice one-stop site for all kinds of info. Send kids here daily! FBI Kids Free Dictionary Funbrain For Kids and Teachers -- Try the "Where is that?" map activity-- Over 50 activities to build classroom skills.
Largest quiz database on line. Use or modify to make up your own; take on line and they will be
graded and sent back to the teacher! Fundamentals of Phys. Geography Online Glossary of terms Engaging kindergarten (thru 6th) learning activities. Java required, best on IE Gaggle Safe student email Geodesic Build a newspaper geodesic dome. Global School Net Maps, tables, equivalents, translators, currency/time converters, postal zips...more Gettysburg Multi node virtual tour. Very nice. Hawaiian Plant Project A school project by Nu'uanu elementary School, Honolulu

History/World Cultures

-------------------- Egypt Akhet Egyptology Tut, and much, much more Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egypt Site; Egypt from A to Z Egyptian Clipart And much more fun stuff. Egypt Links one of which is here for example Egypt: The Complete Guide Facts and pictures abound about Egypt's past and present Eternal Egypt ***A glorious virtual tour of the ancient Egyptian empire. Great Site! Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics Translator King Tut King Tut Howard Carter's discovery Learning Bingo Math, French, more Mummies Mysteries of the Nile PBS Online Series. Great VR shots Pyramid Builders Pyramids Info on lots of different pyramids Pyramids PBS NOVA site Tomb of Tutankhamen National Geographic's "you-are-there" look at unearthing the boy pharaoh's tomb. Women of Egypt ------------------------- Cave of Lascaux Ancient Cave Art in Lascoux, France Historical Timeline CNN's teriffic "Millennium: A Thousand Years of History" site. History USA Wealth of historical information, ancient maps, much more Mexico Ancient Mexico Human Origins Smithsonian's program In Search of What Makes us Human Great site to research the rich history of Mexico Meso America Great site. Look for other links! like here MexicanFolkTales In Spanish and English. Middle Ages Well designed content-rich site about Middle Ages Ms. Pope's History Class A great site with links to just about everywhere.... Ms. Pope's index Check out her Pre-History link, for example Explore Ms. Pope's links Renaissance An animated journey Renaissance 2 From a historian's point of view Subscription homework help/lessons for $79.99/year. home schooling How Stuff Works A wonderful site. The name tells it all. Two thumbs up. How the United States Grew Interactive site shows states as they were added from1650 to Present>br> Click on the
Animations button for more interesting animations. India Thinkquest Lots of cultural information here Internet Public Library Reference material, books, encyclopedias, etc. galore In The Know Zone Topics From Alcohol to Tobacco from the booklet series. Jamestown Colony dig Archaeology project unearthing 400-year old remains of First English U.S. Settlement. Jane Goodall Institute Official Website of the Jane Goodall Institute Just for Kids National Science and Technology Site for kids A safe Internet gateway for kids. Four Star site Kids' Castle Smithsonian Institution's site for kids. Full of interactive looks at many of the museum's
treasures and educational program. But it's bright, colorful, and lots of fun as well. Kids Klick! Web site for kids by librarians. A-Z search KidsCom A free kids site with five areas to explore. Kinetic City Cyber Club Travel the world in a tireless quest for truth, justice, and a little about physics,
energy and similar topics along the way. Korean Folktales Wonderfully illustrated Korean fairy tales in Korean and English Language Learning-ESL Free online lessons, materials, tests, exercises, ESL, more Learning Network's Info Please A searchable gateway to almanacs, encyclopeias, and dictionaries online. Lewis and Clark Celebrate 200th aniversary of the journey Children can play and learn without being distracted with ads or graphics.
English or Spanish. Letters, numbers, shapes, phonics and more.
Excellent Kindergarten and Pre-school activities. Lives, the Biography Resource Thousands of famous figures. Alphabetical search Many Things Word Activities, puzzles, crosswords; lots of fun stuff for for ESL Students Mass and Weight Stop here for a fun lesson on your mass and weight on Other Worlds


------------------------- Metric System and Metric Conversion Tables. Excellent conversion site. Also offers "tutorials" on the Metric System and more! Money Central Station Fun, interactive site dealing with counterfeiting. All about U.S. bills The Moonlit Road Creepy stories, ghost stories, of the South can be read or heard with Shockwave or
Real Audio capabilities. Attached info about Southern culture is also great fun to read. Mueller/Schmidt House VR Tour of Dodge City Mundo Latino Spanish. Great links site of stories, educational sites, more. Ology American Museum of Natural History let's you explore the "ology's" and much more Powers of 10 Eames interactive site. Click on number to move in or out by power of 10. Presidents Just click on a thumbnail picture of your favorite president for
information, and also take a look at Whitehouse Kids Also see:Presidents Research-It Reference Desk This is a great collection of interacrive tools. Find , Law Dictionary, Maps,
Phone numbers, stock quotes, rhyming words, ZIP codes, MUCH more Resource Room Reading, Spelling, Math practice.... Much more Rosa Parks Holiday on the net site. Tells about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, for those who are unaware... Scholarships for Hispanics Science Friday Kid's Connection Many great virtual tours, lessons, etc. to explore here. Scribeworx Caligraphy 101. History, lessons... Sesame Street Web page with lots of interactive and fun kid stuff. SodaPlay This construction/animation simulator is fun, and instructional as well. Spanish Sites Hot Internet Sites en Español Courtesy of Pac Bell. Spartacus School Net A UK site with oodles of History links Starfall Wonderful site for ELL. Lots of downloadable material.
State Research Kids States Government kids site on States Fifty States InfoPlease site--Really neat for researching states. 50 States Encyclopedia of States. Great Site! The US 50 Just click on a state for tons of info, history The 50 States Yet another nice research site.
StarLogo Programmable modelling environment. Student Center SurlaLune Read Online these great annotated stories. Middle and High school best. Teen Hoopla Young adults (ages 12-18), check out YALSA's Teen Hoopla here Tesselations Thinkquest's tesselation area Things Asian Hundreds of wonderful stories of all kinds from 19 Asian countries. Thinkquest Library/Index Tools for Everyday Adventurers's student site Top 100 People The Millennium's top 100 people according to Life Magazine U Can Do Stories, Activities, resources to help overcome challenges and reach one's dreams US Mint How coins and money are made; Lesson plans in History, Language Arts, Math Science.... War in Afghanistan From cooking to proverbs. Everything Afghanistani. A great collection of links. Wikipedia Open Source Encyclopedia World Facts Just click on a link to the country or city you want to research. World History Yuckiest site on the Internet Fun and educational Kids' site

Online News for Students

New York Times Learning Network Grades 3-12.Top Stories, Snapshots, Science Q&A Archive, Lesson Plans.... Star Tribune-Minneapolis Online Ed section for Teachers, Parents, Students.... modified Articles for 4-6 Level, Questions. Resources. Time for Kids News, Research tools (World Map, Dictionary, etc.) Check out the Explore area. Yahooligans! News Strictly for Kids--Top stories, interviews, weird news, Pop news.
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