This page is intended to contain free, downloadable sights and sounds, whether you want just more good listenin' or need
some background music or graphics/videos for your production. Most sites, such as Netbels contain literally hundreds of
pieces of downloadable material such as music of every genre, but you'll have to dig a bit to find just what you want,
there's so much! And free to boot!


Comfort Stand Hundreds of stills and audio bits available here, even whole albums. Cool Free Web Creative Commons Flash Kit Freeplay Music Tons of production music here. Netlabels SonnyBoo Free MP3s for Indie Movie Makers! Great Stuff...Backgrounds... Sound America Many hundreds of sound effects, movie snippets, etc. Fun to just visit! Thinner Autoplate Netlabel or versatile electronic Music; Numerous songs to download WM Recordings Listen to /download songs from the various albums at the site.


Entries in the below section are pretty much video material only: Still photos, pictures, graphics, video.
Many are free, some you works for purchase. Educators eased Copyright Laws are seen at Fair Use Guidelines.
One can always take a screen shot of any web item and massage it with their favorite graphics program. American Memories Library of Congress. Click the List All Collections link for thousands of shots American Passages Search for Pictures of America's past. Use key terms such as Mountain men, wagon train, etc ArtServe Art. Yep. Mainly from the Mediterranean Basin, Japan, India & Cambodia. Courtauld Institute of Art Tens of thousands of categorized art/graphic/picture items Creative Commons Share, reuse, remix--legally. Lots of interesting items here but it really requires some digging. Colonial Era Photos More colonial material than you'll ever need Flickr A variety of interesting photos from many contributors FreePhotosBank Categorized photos free for download. MorgueFile Photos by subject OpenPhoto Large collection of photos of common things Animals - technology PBase World Database Photos from all over the world organized by country. And don't forget it's Home Page Pics4Learning Images for education by category Web Library Free Media from Texas Center for Educational Technology. Use Keywords in the search area for classroom videos.

Other Useful Links

This section contains links to other sites/pages which contain digital materials. Dig a bit if you have to. Geek Philosopher A link site to many thousands of free stock photos Santa Maria-Bonita School District Loads of graphics in various areas. Try Reading-Vocabulary area, for example. Timeless Teacher Stuff Try various sites and dig deep. I like A to Z Teacher Stuff, for example, as one of the many
listed sites where one can capture pictures of all sorts for projects
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