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Apple/Macintosh-specific stuff Click here to go straight to Freeware/Shareware/Software-All Platforms
All Free ISP Site lists, state by state, free or cheap ISPs Amazing Counters 450+ different styles, free, for your website. More. Anti-Phishing Report Phishing and MUCH more Access to Technology. Company places computers in homes and schools. ASCII table
Bandwidth--Speed Tests Bandwidth Use the bandwidth meter to determine the speed of our internet connection is. BandwidthPlace Speed test determines your computer's Internet connections Bandwidth check Speakeasy site. Nice upload and download speed check. Digital Landing Quick Speed Test Speed Test--Digital Landing Yet another--but nice--speed test---uploading and downloading. Clean. I like Site speed test Speedtest Speed Test How fast do you upload/download with your connection? Connect to various cities. Speed Test How fast do you upload/download with your connection? Handy tool!
Bootdisk Windows. Download BootDisks and drivers. Bravenet Web Services Webhosting, webtools, Search engine submission, much more. Broadband Reports Browsers Large repository of browsers, links, info about, more!See Also Firefox Lots of "What Is" info/explanations. Especially useful for beginners. CNET Shopper Computers, related equipment, auctions, etc. Computer Services Internet Access, Domain Holding, Domain Registration, Web Hosting... Computer User Computer trends and tools Computer Pranks The Counter Lots of Tech stuff, job opportunities, IT and more Renouned Ram and memory upgrade store Data Recovery On Track company may be able to recover your lost data from a crashed drive. Deleted Domains Make domain name searches DesignsByMark Photoshop secrets Desktop Environments KDE and GnomeK12OS and for more look here, here at SchoolForge DNRC Domain Name Rights Coalition--Protection of internet communication....See also
WIPO for Domain Name Dispute Resolution, and here for squatting resolutions DSL Extreme DSL Service Providers This site can be used to check on DSL Providers Epinions Equipment comparisons, prices, Research what you want. Also use Amazon's research ability Eudora Tech Support Firewalls Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about firewalls
Geek Tools Floodgap a personal repository for information technology research, historical computing research, and open source software. more Geek Tools Track IP number. Also try Ripe Whois Database and Korea Whois .
Note Traceroute tab and explore the links for oodles of tools.
Also try UXN and see also OPUS's Traceroute Mac users can download "WhatRoute" here Geek Village Source for webmasters Internet Traffic report Monitors world data flow; displays 0-100 value. Higher values indicate faster, more reliable connections. Nirsoft Utilities Lots of PC utilities here, many free. What Is An in-depth dictionary of technological terms. A-Z searching. Two thumbs up. What route Look up who is. Small download prg for Mac
GRC PC Users Attention! This site contains lots of free stuff and info that you need... NOW. Help & How to ZD Net. Lots of juicy stuff here but you've got to ferret it out. HTML NCSA Tutorial --a beginner's guide to HTML HTML 4.01 specs and don't miss the mother siteW3C World Wide Web Consortium Hosting services and links. Also see, FindWebSpace and WebHosters


Carrot Ink Colorfast Ink Inkfinder A nice comparison site for cartridges. Many printer Mfgrs.
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Image Mapping by Webmonkey for site designers. Internet RFC STD,FYI,BCP Archives. EG: RFC 2151 is a primer on Internet/TCP/IP Tools/Utilities Internet Society History of the Internet...more Internet The Internet and IT Network InterNIC Public Info Regarding Internet Domain Name Registration IPv6 The next generation of Internet Protocol ISP finder Find an Internet Service Provider anywhere in the world! Jeff Levy on Computers Lessons and...Computer talk show Guru (KFI 640 in Los Angeles) Junk Got junk email problems, ads.... Look here for tips as to what to do about it. Keyword Discovery KeywordDiscovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines world wide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool. Search and share files with anyone using the internet. Gnutella Network. Liszt: Mailing List DirectoryGreat list of mailing lists! Sign up for a few. :-) Macromedia Tutorials, Flash player download.... Mail2Web Free access your PPP account from anywhere with just your mail ID and password. Computer products super store; Look up a show date and place nationwide also see Poweron Mega Macs Macs for cheap M-Webheads Mensa help in creating a webpage Natural Voice Listen to your 30 word phrase in computer voices. ATT site. NCSA telnet Go here to download NetNames Locate/identify/register domain names worldwide. Also try here. Net Tech Got a problem? Just ask an expert. Email your problem using the link at the bottom! Newsgroups Find a newsgroup (if you know what they are!) News, etc. Wow. The World's leading resourced for Internet trends and statistics. Observers An Anti-AOL site Optimizing Images Well written page on getting your website graphics placed optimally. Optimization Tutorial PC Looking for protection on the internet? Try here. Powerpoint tips Practically Networked Tutorials, all tech info Printer fix Select your printer and check out the results
Programming Alice Programming An educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment. *Great free DHML scripts for your web page JavaScript Mike Mcgrath's (UK) site with JavaScript you can use; popup, rollover, etc. See also Anfy Applets JavaScript City JavascriptKit Tutorials, free scripts, ... JavaScripts Kurts free scripts Metatags A dictionary of HTML Metatags Programming How to design Programs Python Programming A dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. Download How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Free programming book. Webmonkey Programming Learn the basics of... Squeak Programming Squeak is a modern, open source, full-featured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment. WDG HTML Validator Validate your HTML code at this site. Just type in your URL.
Quicktime 5 Basics by Webmonkey Real Player Free download. RegSelect Ins and outs of registering your own domain Remailer Response-o-Matic Add forms to your website. Also a nice list to Online Freebies. Save-a-Tree Free: Prints several pages on one, just very small. Screensavers The TV show site with lots of goodies.


CPAN Perl CGI Resource Index Google Search Google has a free bit of search code to drop in your site to do a site search! Great!!! Webscripts
Search Engine Tutorial Check this out! Slashdot News for nerds Software-Nerd's Heaven The software directory directory! Go here first for an overall look at sites for all
platforms, User Groups, Vendors, Operating Systems.... SpaceDock Free--Creates virtual workspace to expand your screen real estate.

Spam stuff

Ada Ware InboxCop is the first spam filter for: Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Mozilla, and more. Shield's Up This free service from GRC can check out your firewall and vulnerability to attack.... Spambot Buster Lots of good cgi scripts available to use on your web page.... Spambot Foiler Gives a small code to use on your web page to foil spambots. Spambouncer Spam Laws Look up spam laws by state or country
SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corp establishes, maintains, endorses standardized set of relevant benchmarks and metrics to performance evauation of modern computer systems. Speednames Locate the owner of a domain; Get your own! Spider's Apprentice Learn HOW to search the web more effectively at this extremely useful site. SpyRite The anatomy of file download spyware. For the more deeply involved only.
How are you being monitored on the net? OptOut Freeware. Wanna find out
how you are being tracked on the internet--and by whom? Much more. Hmmm Storage Storage Microsoft's Skydrive offers you free 25GB of storage Surf Doubler Want to use up to 3 computers to surf with at the same time on your single line account? Look here! Supervillainizer Log on and ping a villian also see Tracenoizer SustainableSoftworks Want to share your internet connection? Technology & Learning Resource for Education Technology Leaders Textwrangler Barebones OSX HTML text editor similar to BBEdit Thomas LOC In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, legislative information from the Library of Congress United Computer Exchange Global clearinghouse for buyers and sellers of new and used computer equipment. Version Tracker Download latest versions of software. War Chalking "Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking." WebDevelopersVirtualLibrary Tons of tutorials and info for Web Developers, novice to advanced Find a host for your website. Many are free if you'll put up with the ads they post on your pages.
Click on FAQs here or in my Contents list for a listing of some free hosts I've used. More here Webopedia Learn the meaning of those (hundreds) of file extensions, like .jpg .hqx .exe. Much more here WebMaster stuff. Information on Web Standards, links to new browsers, etc.... Web3dRepository Authoring and browsing applications and a bunch more for developers. Wi Finder Find public access Wi-Fi hotspots around the world Wordtracker See the top 50 search terms used on the net in the past 24 hours.. W3 Consortium World Wide Web Consortium: Look here for the technologies which guide the web. Wireless commmunities Personal Telco Project/Community Networking 802.11B Wireless ethernet Technology Mags PC and MAC "Zones" Magazine online


Check also this area at my Apple/Macintosh link above for more. About Shareware Freeware CNET Shareware Shareware for Macs, PCs, all types!! ComputerLandCentral Coupons, bargains.... Counter's free hit counter for your site. Links to free services, drivers, freeware, etc. Fontface Freebie Directory Freeware Free Web Host Fetch FTP client Google Search Google has a free bit of search code to drop in your site to do a site search! Great!!! ITProDownloads PC/Windows freeware, shareware. Jumbo PC/Linux/Mac downloads Konfabulator Places widgets on your desktop; comes with several and lots more to download. OnTrack PC users: A source for security and recovery software. PassTheShareware Lots and lots of PC Shareware/software here. Popmonitor Delete unwanted email or spam with this freebe (Mac) email helper Poubelle Darkside Screensaver program. Free for downloading. Quarter Note Shareware Games.... SoftwareNow Over 11,000 software titles Stroud's CWS Apps PC The original (PC) Internet software resource Tucows Do a search here for free or shareware programs. Wallpaper Lots of free graphics here. Join and get even more. ZDNetDownloads Downloads for all platforms systems.
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