Abrams Planetarium Abrams Planetarium Home Page Alien Earths Examines formation of stars/planets/quest for a habitable planet; more; interactive AmerMeteorSociety Meteoric information and photos Ask An Astronomer Great general astronomy site for kids. Answers to questions... *An Encyclopedia of Space History AstronomicalSociety International Scientific and Educational Organization; Planetariums on the net, Astronomy (Links Button) Bad Astronomy Clearing up misconceptions about astronomy. Canary Island Dark Sky Dark Sky International Dark Sky association Earth From Space An Astronaut's view of the home planet. Low and High Resolution shots. Earth Maps (from space) Virtual real time earth mapping from space. Fourmilab Site/ Switzerland Earth To Orbit Nasa Education site, Earth to Orbit and Beyond Eclipses Solar and Lunar esa Mars Express Face on Mars and more visuals Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia Esoteric site with loads of data. Try also Terrestrial Planet Finder JPL's mission Genesis NASA's search for origins project. ForTheNight Sky Need a good scope? Cool links as well at this site. Hubble Heritage Project Lots of neat images Hubble Space Telescope WoW! Images Galore! Download cool photos Int'l Space Station NASA pics and MPEGs. Look for NASA or Science Animations Int'l Space Station Science Operations News. Track the lab. Meet Crew Members. JPL's Homepage Lots of links and info here Kids Astronomy Some good kid oriented space info here, and much more! Kitt Peak National Observatory Great photo collection and animations for astronomy studies. Large Synoptic Survey Telescope The kind of telescope. Light-gathering power among largest in the world,...detect faint objects with short exposures. Lunar/Planetary Missions Chronology of all unmanned lunar and planetary missions-successes ans failures MalinSpaceScienceSystems Teriffic Marsian detail shots and much more Mars Exploration Program Martian site from NASA Mars Rover Mission Mars Interactive Impressive interactive site; explore the Mars habitat Messier Catalog Meteorite Properties How to distingish meteorites from ordinary rocks. The Moon More than you ever thought you wanted to know about the moon MoonMovie So, the moon landing by Apollo 11 was a fake? Hmmmm. Convincing. Maybe they were all fake? NASA Education Link Nasa site for educators. Lots of lesson links, learning for free! NASA Home Page Lots of links and info here NASA's GRIN Photo collecton Over 1000 images of historical interest. Need space pics?Nice Quicktime videos here Nasa Human Spaceflight You can even check when a spacecraft will be flying over your city. NASA Quest Launch countdowns, people, astronomy, more. Nine Planets A multimedia tour of the solar system The Nine Planets Our Solar system Moon Great closeup photos from NASA NSSDC Photo Gallery Jupiter Paris Observatory A site for the true astronomer. Lots of astronomical data available. Planets/Asteroids Plotted Pinpoint known asteroids; links to extensive background info News and History of Astronautics in the former USSR Satellites Natural Satellite Physical Parameters--all known moons. NASA's JPL SETI Harvards unit--Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
See also OSETI Princeton's Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
and Berkeley's SETI site Sky Guide Distances to bodies in space Sky & Telescope The magazine's home page Observing page SloanDigitalSkySurvey Most ambitious astronomical sky survey ever taken. Lots of info and photos Solar System Almost a class in itself! Solar System JPL/NASA's Solar System Exploration site. Teriffic! Solar System Live Slightly esoteric site from Fourmilab. View locations of entire solar system or.... Solar System Simulator NASA/JPL/Caltech spyglass on the cosmos Space News site. Excellent Space Students for the Exploration and Development of Space Space Research Science News and Information about the sun-earth environment Spitzer Space Telescope NASA's infra-red telescope orbiting several million miles from us. Great new stuff out there being discovered. Starchild Young Astronauts Learning Center. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center site; info on two levels; teaching activities, 5 languages Stardate Astronomy oriented website. Stories From Space Stories about planets, tools for exploring space, "what's in space." Photos of planets, stars, telescopes, space craft Terra: EOS Flagship NASA's Earth Observing System main page Terra Satellite Movies... Quicktime videos from NASA's Terra Satellelite USVAO Virtual Astronomical Observatory...Providing new Research Initiatives. Variable Stars American Association of Variable Star Observers. Welcome to the Planets Many of NASA's Planetary Exploration Photos Windows to the Universe Lots to see and do here; info... World at Night, The Your Sky Interactive Planetarium of the web Zooniverse "Galaxy Zoo" project. Help astronomers explore the universeHosts numerous projects which allow users to participate... SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Survey...Over eight years of operations...obtained deep, multi-color images covering more than a quarter of the sky and created 3-dimensional maps containing more than 930,000 galaxies and more than 120,000 quasars.
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