AKC The American Kennel Club. All things dog Animal News Center Reporting the news from the world of animals; political, scientific developments.... Animal Planet Discovery Channel site. ASPCA American Society of the Preventation of Cruelty to Animals Bat Conservation Lots of info on bats; build a bat house Big Cat Rescue The Bug Club A junior entomologist's playground. (UK) Butterflies Click on your state and then select your county. Pictures. Cat Fanciers All things Cat Crocodilians Look here for animal links and material. Electronic Zoo Info on animals of all kinds including the sounds they make. Two Thumbs Up! Wow! Check out the Online Field Guides from Amphibians to Wildflowers! Equine Reproduction FAQs and articles Healthy Pets National Center for Infectious Diseases. Learn of disease animal-to-human dangers. Hotspot for Birds Website devoted to the care of birds. Ichthyology Yep, sharks and such at Florida Museum of Natural History. Shark attack reports.... Insect Hotlist The Franklin Institute Online list of Insect Links--Many rich in Graphics Insect World Great pictures of insects you can buy samples of through this site. Mammals A nice site for introducing mammals for youngsters in grades 2-6 Marine Mammals National Marine Mammal's Educational Website Mar Vista Animal Med Center ****Click on the Pet Med Library for tons of info, or click here Moths Click on your state and then select your county. Pictures. National Wildlife FederationWell, if you know what they are, then here's their site! :-) #1 Discount Store for Pet Care professionals. Octopus Orca Network Pacific Northwest Orca Site The Pet Channel Find a pet, health stuff, pet care, training...more Look in the directories link for your state's Vets Petfinder Search for pets of all type, age, gender location Pets or Food Edibles. Uh, pets, that is. Rainforest Alliance Look in the Kids and Teachers section for frogs 'n stuff. Sea World Check out the Animal Resources link on this page Shelterwatch Animal advocate group in central CA More stuff for your pets than you can afford. Packed with goodies for the fur people. Sloths Home of two-toed and three-toed sloths--all about Sperm Whales Site even has some sperm whale songs. Tarantulas Training your pet? Q & A. Health/Medicine....Much more. Check out this site for all your farm animal veterinary supplies Veterinarian's Pet Clinic Got a question you would ask your vet about your pet? Find it here. The Yucky Roach World Science with a funnybone--specializes in cockroaches.
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