American Border Protection

What can be done to protect our country from invasion? How can we defend ourselves from being overrun by illegal aliens? What can we do to help keep more terrorists from stealing across out borders?
Some places to look:

Agent Ramos Agent stabbed in the back by Bush and the Border Patrol for doing his duty. Cal Border Police Statistics, articles... American Border Patrol Civilian Border Watch American Patrol Citizeship, Sovereignty, Law American Resistance Civilian site CCIR California Coalition for Immigration Reform Eyes on the Border Grassroots, privately-funded initiative to reestablish control of the U.S.-Mexico border. FAIR Federation for American Immigration Reform. How is your state impacted? Friends of the Border Patrol Civilian Border Patrol watch Illegals Site for Resources and Information on U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Immigration Dogwatch Minuteman Project Civilian Border Watch Numbers USA Examines numerical levels of annual legal and illegal immigration and more.Watch this Say No To Illegals US Border Control You can see the Mexican Government's pamphlet instructing illegals how to cross.... more US Border Patrol Civilian Site Voices Mag Scroll to the U.S. Border Section for articles
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